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Department of Gastroenterology

The gastroenterology department of First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, is integrated with medical treatment, teaching and scientific research on digestive disease. The gastroenterology department, with strong technical force and a talent team, a total of more than 30 medical, technical and nursing staff, including 4 professors and associate professors. We undertake the responsibility of cultivating professional doctors for digestive diseases, and hundreds of doctors and medical students have been cultivated these years. More than 20 research projects was charged in our department, including the National and He Bei Provience Natural Science Foundation, the Youth fund project,and project of Hebei Science and Technology Department et al, and the scientific research funds about 500 million. As a result of our harding working, we have won one first, two second and four third prize of Hebei province's science and technology

The gastroenterology department is an integrated division of clinical and basic research, expert in the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal disease, digestive endoscopy and chronic liver disease. The patients treated in our department are nearly 10,000 including acute and chronic gastritis, peptic ulcer, inflammatory bowel disease, early and late gastrointestinal cancer, acute cholecystitis, gallstones, acute pancreatitis, a variety of acute and chronic hepatitis, cirrhosis and gastrointestinal bleeding, et al.

The Digestive endoscopy center is equipped with gastroscopy, colonoscopy, endoscopic ultrasonography, superfine endoscope, capsule endoscopy and other various endoscopic and firstly launching Helicobacter pylori detection, painless gastroscopy and colonoscopy technique. Up to now, the department has carried out endoscopic foreign body removal surgery, within gastrolithiasis endoscopic lithotripsy, esophageal stricture dilation and stenting esophagus, gastrointestinal tract congestion endoscopic therapy, achalasia endoscopic therapy, endoscopic resection of gastrointestinal polyps, the submucosal tumor endoscopic band ligation, endoscopic mucosal resection (EMR), endoscopic submucosal tumor after dissection (ESD ), gastrointestinal endoscopic therapy of benign and malignant stricture, esophageal variceal ligation, varices sclerotherapy and surgical tissue adhesive injection and other items. A wealth of experience has been accumulated on early diagnosis of gastrointestinal cancer, endoscopic ultrasound, the bleeding esophageal varices endoscopic therapy, and a large number of critically ill patients was treated. Now we have become one of the dominant in Hebei Province.

Department of gastroenterology has been uphold the technology-based, patient-oriented, service-first philosophy, and constantly improve the level of diagnosis and treatment,, better the health behaviors, reduce medical costs to meet patient needs. We are committed to making a harmonious doctor-patient relationship and the patient satisfaction rate is over 95%.

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