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Internal Medicine-Neurology I

the Introduction of the First Department of Neurology
The First Department of Neurology of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University integrated with clinical, teaching and research department is leading by Professor Wang Mingwei (the leader of Hebei provincial key disciplines of geriatrics) who is the neurology postdoctoral from America. The First Department of Neurology is consisted of Parkinson's treatment center, the “green channel” of stroke thrombolysis, stroke screening and prevention and control group, memory disorders screening room, neurophysiological room, sleep research centers and magnetic stimulation treatment center. The department is working on neurological diseases, including of comprehensive treatment of Parkinson's disease, psychosomatic illness, sequential treatment of cerebrovascular disease. The use of magnetic stimulation, biofeedback and other non-pharmacological means to treat Parkinson's disease, sleep disorders, swallowing disorders, neurogenic bladder disorders and other diseases has achieved the ideal effect. Because of the outstanding work performance, the department was awarded with National Workers Vanguard and Hebei women's civilization of glorious title by Hebei Provincial Women's Federation and China Federation of Trade Unions.
The First Hospital of Hebei Medical University was approved as “stroke screening and prevention basic department” by the State Health Planning Commission in 2012 Chinese Stroke Conference. The specific tasks of screening and prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular disease were carried out by the leader of Sun Xiuqiao chief physician and Wang Yanyong deputy chief physician in the First Department of Neurology. And the task of the department is committed to “green channel” cerebrovascular disease, emergency thrombolysis, intervention therapy, secondary prevention, stroke management and many other works.
EMG, evoked potentials, special EEG in neurophysiological room provides an objective basis for clinical diagnosis and treatment of neurological disease. The introduction of Nihon polysomnography detection system greatly improves the diagnosis and therapeutic effect of insomnia. Laboratory of the First Department of Neurology is working on molecular and cellular study of neurological diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's disease, provided theoretical support for the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases.
At the same time, the First Department of Neurology actively carries out the work of popular science, into the factories, community, authorities department to explain the knowledge of public health, increased the public idea against the disease. The organization founded the first section of Parkinson's in Hebei Province including hundreds of patients’ member, where is sharing Parkinson's prevention knowledge, caring learning from each other, exchange of experiences, fighting with the disease.
The First Department of Neurology of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University is committed to patient's health services.

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