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Introduction for Institute of Mental Health and Psychiatric Department of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University

Founded in 1995, the institute of Mental Health of Hebei Medical University and Psychiatric Department of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University has 120 professional and technical personnel and 248 open beds. There are older and child psychiatry, Integrative Medicine Branch, neurosis treatment division, severe psychiatric, psychosomatic illness branch, psychological counseling and psychotherapy center. Many advanced non-drug treatments include modified electroconvulsive therapy, repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, computerized cognitive remediation therapy, biofeedback, brain function treatment, comprehensive rehabilitation training. The intergration of the medical method of biology, psychology, sociology and advanced medical technology, with comprehensive diagnosis and treatment to depression, alcohol dependence syndrome, senile dementia, bipolar disorder and other psychiatric disorders can show us the throughout treatment and services of people-oriented, family-style service model, open and semi-open management.

Under leading of Wang Xueyi, the chief physician and professor, the institute has 4 professors, 16 associate professors, 1 doctoral supervisor, 4 master supervisors, 2 doctors, 35 masters, 2 professional deputy senior therapists all with an average age of 38 years. Up to now, the institute has completed the four projects of National Science and Technology Support Key Project (joint research), ten city hall issues , two track projects of the Health Department medical apply technology, two projects with other units joint research, currently one item of National Natural Foundation, one item of National Natural Science Foundation - Youth Fund, three provincial subjects with province major support, 4 trials of IV clinical, two merit-base items of Science and technology funded activities of Hebei students, 25 major projects of Hebei Health Department. Nearly three years, our department has obtained research funding of more than 270 million, a second and one third prize of Hebei Science and Technology Progress Award, nine prizes of Hebei Medical Technology Award. More than 273 papers were published in the domestic and international core journals, including 14 SCI papers.

As a teaching hospital, our institute undertakes the teaching task of psychiatry, medical psychology and forensic psychiatry. The curses include Psychiatry and Medical Psychology student course of clinical medicine of Hebei Medical University(Foundation Institute, Clinical School, First Hospital, Third Hospital, Fourth Hospital, First Hospital of Shijiazhuang City), seven-year student "Forensic Psychiatry" course of the Third Hospital, "Psychiatric Nursing" course of Second Hospital and Traditional Chinese Medicine institute. For all general practitioners in psychiatry internship tasks of Health Department of Hebei Province, more than 400 hours per year of teaching tasks, are successfully completed to teach students with up to 2000. The institute has trained 30 postgraduates by 2013, and is currently training 5 graduates for the provinces municipalities with a high-quality mental health professionals backbone.

As Hebei forensic units of mental illness, our institute take more than 500 province forensic cases every year with domestic advanced psychological test check system and other advanced equipment.
After ten years of development, Institute of Mental Health of Hebei Medical University is a key medical psychiatry disciplines of Hebei Province, Hebei continuing medical education base, national clinical drug research base, one of the major research institutions based on clinical, teaching, research, rehabilitation and forensic specialist.

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