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Pediatric Department

Pediatric Department
The pediatric department is under leading of the head of department Chen Baochang and the famous pediatric exper Qian Peide.t. There is outstanding talent team with noble medical ethics, medical skills and rich clinical experience, in which more than 30 professional and technical personnel including 10 senior technicians. It is the only department in Hebei to undertake neonatal asphyxia recovery training and promotion. There is a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), rooming-in wards and general wards for all kinds of patients, especially for newborn, pediatric cardiovascular disease, critically ill children rescue and various infectious diseases. With the advanced technology in Hebei, the pediatric department provides neonatal follow-up outpatient,expert outpatient, emergency and general outpatient service. experts full day outpatient and no holidays. The first early education clinic for children was set up for Science parental guidance, early intellectual development, physical assessment and other mental development track.

The major for diseases of newborn is a featured specialty of pediatric department also one Key-supportted project in our hospital. With the domestic first-class ward conditions and hardware facilities, there are 20 no accompanying beds, 2newborn entilator, 13 Multi-parameter monitors, 14 newborn incubators, 3 Radiant rescue units, 8 Light therapy boxes, 2 percutaneous biliary measuring instruments, 2 percutaneous biliary measuring instruments, 17infusion pumps.

The pediatric department has rich experience on curing a variety of newborn disease, severe asphyxia of newborn babies, hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy, intracranial hemorrhage, premature children, very low birth weight children, neonatal hyaline membrane disease and neonatal jaundice. The rescue success rate is more than 97% for septic shock, severe pneumonia, severe newborn hyaline membrane diseases.

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