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Department of traditional Chinese Medicine

The Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) Department of the First Hospital of Hebei Medical University is a clinical department integrating medical treatment, research and teaching. It is also the only comprehensive department with Chinese medicine, acupuncture, massage and physiotherapy among all hospitals in Hebei province. it has more than 400 square meters. There are four key sections: TCM Gastrointestinal diseases clinic, TCM osteoarthrosis clinic, TCM cerebrovascular disease clinic and TCM preventive treatment clinic.There are also other specialty clinics, such as TCM insomnia clinic, Neck-shoulder and lumbocrural pain clinic, Paralysis clinic. Many treatment rooms are also well quipped with traction treatment instrument, radio frequency electrotherapy instrument, superlizer, magnetic resonance thermal therapy instrument, Fumigating bed, and so on.The TCM Department takes the leading position among all provincial-level hospitals in the treatment of all kinds of pain and inflammation. It is also well-known for its treatment of insomnia and vegetative nerve functional disturbance.
The TCM Department has 1 Chief Physician, 3 Associate Chief Physicians ,3 physicians and 2 residents. Under the leadership of Bai Yaping , the director who is a famous senior TCM expert, all doctors have worked out a set of mature comprehensive therapy based on the innovation of the traditional treatment. They have made great achievement in the treatment of insomnia, vegetative nerve functional disturbance, gastroenteropathy, and gynaecopathia. The effect in treating sequela of apoplexy, facioplegia and Neck-shoulder and lumbocrural pain with acupuncture and massage is remarkable. For those seriously illed and those with complex conditions, The TCM department will offer personalized treatment if they stay in the hospital. This special treatment is welcomed by many patients, even the competitors.

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