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Burn and Plastic Surgery Department

Department introduction

The burns and Plastic Surgery department of First Hospital of Hebei Medical University is the teaching and research center of burns Medical and key developing department of Hebei. There are staff of 37, including 17 technical staff doctors, 20 nurses, in which are three well-known professors and four postgraduate tutors.

Clinical aspects: The department established burn ward, orthopedic and wound healing wards, intensive care units, emergency room, outpatient, burn operating room, orthopedic room, dressing room with expand 60 beds and a fully equipped medical specialist. Featured with treatments on severe burns, high-voltage burns, chemical burns, the department repeatedly cured the diseases’ of "double nine" severe burn and high-voltage burns to prevent the burn complications with a "disease" point of view and got effective results.

Scientific research: The department established electrical burns laboratory, burns and infections laboratory, microcirculation laboratory, cell rheology laboratory, biorheology research, tissue perfusion research, chamber burns experimental techniques. The tall value of all equipment is more than 400,0000 yuan of numbers of Brad projection microscope systems, laser Doppler perfusion image analyzer, transcutaneous oxygen detector, Cremaster biological rheometer, multi-site microcirculation detector, a variety of models of high-voltage regulator and boost system and endotoxin detection instrument. The main research directions are electrical burns, burn microcirculation, burns cell rheology, shock with more than 20 awards of provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological progress, undertaking more than 20 fund project.

Teaching: Hebei Medical University graduate and undergraduate burn training base, undertaking the teaching task of surgery general part and clinical practice teaching tasks for Hebei Medical University undergraduate. There are 10 the surgery instructor attending teaching and more than 1,000 undergraduates. From 2000 to 2013, the department enrolled 39 postgraduate majored in burns and 31 have graduated.

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