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Department of Ophthalmology, First Hospital of Hebei Medical University is a set of medical, teaching, scientific research, health care, emergency care as one of the provincial-level Comprehensive Department of Ophthalmology, designated as the province, city health unit. The division is in phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation for cataract operation, excimer laser treatment of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, Department of comprehensive medical optometry optician. The introduction of the whole America, Germany, Japan and other advanced instruments and equipment, collection of domestic famous experts, the province, to carry out a comprehensive Department of Ophthalmology of high-quality precisioninstrument, technology. With beautiful environment, advanced equipment, exquisite technology, reliable quality, preferential prices for high quality service to patients to provide comprehensive, economy, humanity. Phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantation for cataract phacoemulsification surgery center, the introduction of Japan,Germany, USA full Department of ophthalmology examination instruments and ultrasonic emulsification operation system caused by various reasons, the treatment of cataract operation, small incision, faster visual recovery, without hospitalization, no pain to the patient, a few minutes to light, all operation by the senior center Department of Ophthalmology experts -- song Geng professor personally completed.

The first hospital of Hebei Medical University Department of Ophthalmology experts -- Professor Song Geng
Professor Song Geng: Director of Department of Ophthalmology, optometry clinic director, chief physician, Professor, the expert, the National Cataract Ultrasonic Emulsification expert, myopia and eye fatigue prevention experts, appointed special operation expert Chinese Ministry of health and Hongkong jointly organized the "Health Express" Department of Ophthalmology chief technical guidance of expertsand WHO of ORBIS Department of Ophthalmology flying hospital. From the beginning of 1990, combined with clinical cases of more than 12 cases of myopia, and scientific method in the treatment of eye fatigue, prevention method of original simple treatment effect is excellent, remarkable, "prevention of myopia started" by the control eye fatigue theory clinical prevention founder.

Professor Song Geng has been engaged in the Department of Ophthalmology, professional operation for more than 30 years, has a skilled and rich clinical experience, has more than 5 cases of senile cataract operation, especially has the very deep attainments in refractory, complicated cataract diagnosis and treatment, especially in patients with other diseases such as: Hardcore, posterior synechia, glaucoma, diabetes, uveitis, trauma, high myopia with cataract, a unique method of treatment.

Professor Song to China impoverished and a mountainous area, old revolutionary base areas, factories, rural clinic, where the free eye disease treatment, and to provide to meet expenses for thousands of widows and orphans destitute patients, make them see the light.
Professor Song by Vietnam, the Kampuchea and other Southeast Asian countries designated medical institutions for phacoemulsification guidance of experts, and Vietnam Hanoi City Department of ophthalmology hospital culture 2 doctor PHACO.

1998. In 1999, respectively USA Department of Ophthalmology Congress and the first World Chinese Conference on Department of Ophthalmology, unique technology is put forward for the first time PHACO with "1/2 kernel into law" hardcore.

China's first "cataract ultrasound emulsification suction of division and IOL implantation" large VCD/VT compiler, the wheel has been by the Chinese medical audio video publishing house, the Department of Ophthalmology Department of Ophthalmology magazine recommended as a textbook, the book has been published by people's Medical Publishing house.

Excimer laser treatment of myopia in Department of Ophthalmology, the first hospital of Hebei Medical University eye system imported from Germany Zeiss Aesculap, Me -- 70 excimer laser treatment system, carry out the LASK operation for treatment of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism. The system has the world's first Kose beam scanning spot excimer laser, the world's first implementation and rotary molecular laser corneal topography link. With more advanced software to ensure the cutting effect you expect, excimer laser system has the largest individual cutting clinical records, equipped with the industry respected Cai Si (Zeiss) operation microscope, cutting the organization, operation is safe and reliable, can correct 100 -- 2000 degrees of myopia, ≤ 600 degrees myopia astigmatism, ≤ 600 degree of hyperopia, good postoperative visual acuity of stability and predictability, provide the best, most safe operation. Instantaneous enables you to pick off glasses is not a dream. Operation without pain, without hospitalization, all operation by the senior center Department of Ophthalmology experts -- chief physician Wei Ling personally completed.

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