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Hebei Medical University first hospital Otolaryngology - head and neck surgery, is a clinical diagnosis, medical education, scientific research, health care as one of the clinical departments, professional advanced equipment, strong technical force, complete discipline construction. The subject consists of Otolaryngology, allergy department, otolaryngology laboratory is composed of three parts. Covers the basic medicine and clinical medicine. The subject has the domestic advanced, first-class professional equipment and professional medical team. Technology package ear microsurgery operation, endoscopic surgical operation, minimally invasive operation Department, otolaryngology and head and neck cancer, sleep medicine, clinical audiology, allergic diseases. Our department is the first in Hebei province to carry out one of the endoscope operation Department in the nose. Minimally invasive operation treatment, ear microsurgery operation specialist for obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome. We have the best complete solutions for obstructive sleep apnea hypopnea disorders, from the initialscreening, before and after the sleep monitoring system diagnosis, esophageal manometry positioning, sleep mattress operation monitoring, a new generation of plasma knife minimally invasive operation, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures complete. In ear microsurgery operation complex, such as the operation of facial nerve, cochlear implantation, the carbon dioxide laser minimally invasive laryngeal operation etc..

Division I is the earliest in the diagnosis and treatment ofallergic diseases. After years of basic and clinical research, developed more than 100 clinical antigen, has greatly expanded the scope of clinical antigen detection. I insist on for many years in Shijiazhuang, the allergenic pollen and fungaldistribution and propagation of observation and research, diagnosis and treatment of allergic diseases has made considerable progress. Treatment of allergic disease has treatment complete. The various allergic diseases treatment effect is remarkable, and the province is in the leading position.

My family all staff is willing to superb medical skill, good medical ethics, the high quality service for the majority of patients to provide health insurance.

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