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Department of anesthesia operation

About Anesthesia
First Hospital of Hebei Medical University, Department of Anesthesiology, experienced a period of development by leaps and bounds, departments have been expanding, surgery type and quantity increases every year, continue to extend the scope of business, in clinical anesthesia, research and teaching, department management, personnel training, branding and other fields have achieved remarkable results.
Clinical Anesthesia
Anesthesia has a total of 18 rooms of various types of surgery, with world-class standards of modern anesthesia equipment and advanced anesthetic techniques, equipped with advanced anesthesia machines, vital signs monitors, monitor depth of anesthesia (BIS monitor), gas monitor, neuromuscular monitoring, blood gas electrolyte analyzer, fiberoptic bronchoscope, liquid heating device, intraoperative autologous blood salvage machines, C-arm X-ray machines and other equipment. Now able to complete cardiac surgery (infants with complex congenital heart surgery, heart valve replacement surgery, heart coronary bypass surgery, etc.), children with congenital heart disease intervention, complex neurosurgical intervention (cerebral arteriovenous malformations, aneurysms, etc. ), and other problems in critically ill surgical anesthesia work. Conduct painless endoscopy anesthesia, painless surgical anesthesia, modified electroconvulsive shock therapy of anesthesia, analgesia and anesthesia oncology cryosurgical radiofrequency ablation of anesthesia, the first dedicated to building a painless hospital. Gradual development of technology in the laryngeal mask anesthesia application and sevoflurane, dexmedetomidine given application in pediatric anesthesia, anesthesia depth and cerebral function monitoring - bispectral index (BIS) monitoring and many other technologies Anesthesiology . Quality of anesthesia and intraoperative management of the hospital to carry out a variety of smooth operation provides security, greatly promote and protect the development of the hospital's surgery.
Pain Treatment Center to carry out the various stages of nerve root block technique, chronic pain, cancer pain treatment. Meanwhile, the department also undertakes hospital emergency treatment and resuscitation of critically ill patients, postoperative pain, analgesia and painless outpatient examination and treatment, etc., to provide patients with more painless medical technology, designed to provide comprehensive construction "painless hospital "forward.
Research and Teaching
Department of Anesthesiology, Hebei Medical University, one of the undergraduate training base anesthesia, and to assume Hebei Medical Anesthesia undergraduate teaching of clinical anesthesia. Departments long-standing plan a day early shift anesthesia and anesthesia summary report, KONE weekly professional instruction for students, interns establish a set of strict clinical skills training and assessment system.
Anesthesiology vigorously promote research work, promote research and innovation spirit, and achieved fruitful results in scientific research. The past five years has published in medical journals and more than 20 papers professional core, a number of scientific research leading domestic level and Hebei Province Wei Planning and Technology Progress Award and the third prize.
Department management
In order to strengthen the standardization of construction and management disciplines, departments establishment and improvement of the work rules and regulations, standardize clinical procedures, establish routine clinical pathways and anesthesia, anesthesia departments work to achieve standardization, standardization and institutionalization, orderly and character management, and effectively protect the quality of anesthesia and anesthesia safety. During anesthesia anesthesiologist does not leave the patient a second, anesthesiologists and truly become the patron saint of life of patients. Anesthesiology importance anesthesia nurse standardized training and management, anesthesia nurses play an important role in clinical anesthesia, post-anesthesia recovery room and the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pain, our department of anesthesia nurses standardized management greatly improves the efficiency of Anesthesiology and Anesthesia Quality .
Development of the discipline requires a talent echelon. Sections focus on the young physician services, research ability and moral quality of training, in the branch within to create a positive, trying to learn a good atmosphere, a positive for them to accept a higher level of continuing education to build a platform. Every year, young families within the physician master's or doctoral degree in batches sent out young doctors training to learn advanced methods and concepts of anesthesia. Regularly send young doctors to participate in various levels of academic conferences, and promoted the young physician enthusiasm for learning, help to understand the latest developments in the field of anesthesiology developing world, broaden horizons and improve innovation. Department of Anesthesiology, now has a large number of both ability and integrity of the young physician.
Brand Features
Under the leadership of Professor Zhou Zhanghao, anesthesiology full use of hospital resources, and actively innovation, create their own brands. According to the development on the basis of the completion of each hospital's clinical anesthesia surgery on the work carried out endoscopic examination and treatment painless anesthesia, painless surgery anesthesia, modified electroconvulsive shock anesthesia, analgesia anesthesia; anesthesia Branch around key specialty hospital characteristics, the development of children with congenital heart disease intervention and neurosurgical intervention anesthesia methods and concepts. "Painless hospital" building success.

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