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Department of rehabilitation medicine

Department of rehabilitation medicine, the First Affiliated Hospital of Hebei Medical University is a set of medical, teaching, scientific research into one comprehensive clinical department, was established in 2001 August, after more than ten years of development, and gradually formed a system of treatment methods include drug treatment, rehabilitation, physical therapy, psychological counseling and traditional therapy for content, existing senior title personnel two, the intermediate title two, resident, therapists three.

Rehabilitation professional to disorders of the nervous system, bone and joint and exercise system disease, burn, heart and lung and other visceral diseases systematically,, reintegration, or improve the quality of life.

I Department of rehabilitation medicine rehabilitation professional existing equipment including: EMG biofeedback instrument, driving cycle for weight loss, gait training device, electric standing bed, ultrashort wave therapy machine, computer intermediate frequency treatment instrument, ultrasonic, deep hyperthermia instrument such as physiotherapy equipment, and has a lower limb power car, rowing machines, fitness equipment, can provide different treatment for all patients.

Special rehabilitation: according to the modern rehabilitation needs to set the model of professional treatment, combined with traditional therapy, formed a specialist for the direction, special disease characteristics rehabilitation core, professional treatment as a means of.

Characteristics: special disease including stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, paralysis, peripheral nerve injury; fracture, osteoporosis, bone arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra diseases; speech disorder, dysphagia; burn rehabilitation.

Special rehabilitation technology: in addition to the traditional physical therapy, also has the nerve facilitation technique, joint mobilization, the treatment of the soft tissue extension, occupational therapy technique, speech disorder, osteoporosis comprehensive rehabilitation treatment technology, traditional rehabilitation technology.

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